Android JWT Auth hangs

Trying to join a self-hosted meeting with JWT auth on Android hangs just after submitting username and password. Works fine on PC browser.

Is there a limitation for JWT auth on Android?


There shouldn’t be. Do you get any errors on adb?

@saghul, nothing I could make out.

Prosody logs show the usual initial error “err:not-allowed, reason:token required”. After giving the username and pw at the client prompt, I see the bosh message:

prosody_1 | mod_bosh info New BOSH session, assigned it sid ‘xxxx-…’

but nothing in prosody logs afer that. The meeting is not joined.

Wait, if you are using a JWT why did you have to enter a username / password?

The login is for the auth system that generates/returns the JWT token. User is redirected to meeting link with url token.
Works well for browser. Don’t know if the app requires any special format.

You can try creating the link like this: IFrame API · Jitsi Meet Handbook

Looks good; I will try it out. I currently have a semi-manual work-around in place, but I want something more elegant.

This worked well for me, BTW.
Thank you.

Glad to hear!