[Android] Is there any example to implement Jitsi Meet Android SDK without React-Native?

I need to develop very complicated UI for android app. So I decided not to use Jistst-Meet Android SDK which uses React-Native.

I have been searching for building a full native android app which works with Jitsi server without using the library for a day, but I didn’t get any helpful resources yet.

Is there something useful example, or document?

Thank you in advance.

The big example is Jitsi Meet itself:

And here is information how to run it:

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Thank you for the anwer.

However, I want to create an android app that uses the original android webrtc library that works with Jitsi Server without React Native dependencies.

I checked an old Jitsi Android app(https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-android) but it doesn’t seem to work with current version of Jitsi Server.

Also, the kindly guided guide should use unwanted React Native dependencies.

Thanks for considering my request.