[Android] Is there any example to implement Jitsi Meet Android SDK without React-Native?

I need to develop very complicated UI for android app. So I decided not to use Jistst-Meet Android SDK which uses React-Native.

I have been searching for building a full native android app which works with Jitsi server without using the library for a day, but I didn’t get any helpful resources yet.

Is there something useful example, or document?

Thank you in advance.

The big example is Jitsi Meet itself:

And here is information how to run it:

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Thank you for the anwer.

However, I want to create an android app that uses the original android webrtc library that works with Jitsi Server without React Native dependencies.

I checked an old Jitsi Android app(https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-android) but it doesn’t seem to work with current version of Jitsi Server.

Also, the kindly guided guide should use unwanted React Native dependencies.

Thanks for considering my request.

Have you found something ?

I just changed to another platform that supports native android development without React Native dependencies.

We also have similar kind of requirements, Can you please tell me which platform you choose.

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Any solution?

The only solution so far is to create fully native multiplatform library on Kotlin for iOS and Android to use in Swift and Kotlin without suffer and struggles about react-native and javascript dependencies.
Who support this idea?