[Android] External UVC Camera Support. How to implement it?

I need to participate in WebRTC video calls from a mobile Android device with an external UVC camera. Currently this seems to be no native support for this on most or any consumer devices. Jitsi Meet app doesn’t currently support it either.

What are the steps to make a fork of Jitsi Meet Android app that would support UVC cameras using AndroidUSBCamera or another similar UVC library? There is literally no actionable info on this to be found online, even though it’s something I see people regularly ask about on every related dev forum. Is it even possible to do?

P.S. Android 9 introduced native support for external cameras, which would allow one to pick an external camera as a video source using Jitsi native app, or even using Chrome for Android. Unfortunately Google made it merely a suggestion, not a certification requirement, and it seems that manufacturers choose not to implement android.hardware.camera.external in platform HALs. I found no conclusive evidence that any mobile device supports the feature. Maybe there’s a way to patch the kernel, but again there is no beginner-level tutorial on this to be found online.

It’s now a feature request on GitHub: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/issues/4937