Android crash

I get this crash when I compile and run the release version (no debug information). Debug version works fine. I tried 7.0.1 and 6.2.2 and 6.1.0 – all crashed.

The stack trace can be seen with Firebase Crashalytics:

app.aamu.aamuapp_issue_94a61682a763090d0745d4c6bcbab559_crash_session_63A6A6DD018900013C558F3CDE37D057_DNE_0_v2_stacktrace.txt (43.8 KB)

Fatal Exception: java.lang.IllegalStateException
java.lang.NoSuchFieldException: fill
com.horcrux.svg.RenderableView.mergeProperties (
com.horcrux.svg.GroupView.drawGroup (
com.horcrux.svg.GroupView.draw (

The server (docker-jitsi-meet) is updated to the latest stable-8138-1 tag.

I am using JitsiMeetActivity.

In the debug build (which doesn’t crash) I also can’t get the buttons to show on the bottom of the screen. I believe the buttons should show when I tap the screen somewhere, as it does in the iOS version.

Any thoughts? Maybe this is related to the crash, which seems to have something to do with the screen/React Native.

I think I found the cause for the missing buttons. I am using this: GitHub - delight-im/Android-AdvancedWebView: Enhanced WebView component for Android that works as intended out of the box

With the standard WebView I can see the buttons. With AdvancedWebView I cannot.

However, the crash still happens with the standard WebView, as it does with AdvancedWebView.

The crash happens only with the release variant, not debug variant.

I have created a repository here, which has a bare bones app for reproducing the crash:

Debug variant works, release variant crashes (when “Join Meeting” is clicked).

The crash has something to do with the icons (“Invite Others” and toolbox icons).

Anyone interested?

@ile Are you able to resolve the above issue

I forked the source code, made some changes to the exception throwing. Now it doesn’t crash, but I don’t see the buttons/icons in the bottom row. The buttons are still there, they can be pressed, but I don’t see the icons.