Android - Closing Picture in Picture is not closing jitsi ongoing meeting

Hi all,

When we in a meeting and user goes in background with picture in picture enabled, its working well but if user disconnects the picture in picture by press cross icon, however the conference doesn’t terminated and the call remains continue in the background and other member in the group can still hear the voice.

Thanks in advance.

THis is by design.

Design is okay but why the conference is not getting terminated after the close button tap?

Do we have manage some code for this?

We are calling leave() method but its not working.

Please suggest.

By design I mean the functionality. When you press the X then the pip window is closed, but the meeting continues. We have no code which would end the meeting when X is pressed.


Hi @saghul,

I have found that this functionality has design features only thus implemented the code at own.

Now I am getting two different delegates in the leave() method:

  1. when I am calling leave() method from my custom function I getting two delegate method called:

  1. When calling leave() from onDestroy() method, I am getting only one delegate method:


Can you explain me, why I am getting two different response for leave() method.

The issue is, if user is joining again in other conference so by anychance user’s voice can be listen in previous room as well.


This is the usual flow.

What SDK version are you using? We fixed a similar problem recently, it’s part of the 8.1 SDK.

We have build SDK at own by modifying some UI and we have used master branch and code is 3 months old.

This is the fix: fix(android) fix JitsiMeetActivity.onDestroy not leaving the room · jitsi/jitsi-meet@9e147d7 · GitHub

Many thanks this solved the problem now.

We have one more concern that we are using dominate speaker participant id using conference middleware but when there are only 2-3 members in the room the dominate speaker participant id don’t change but when we have more than 4 members it works perfectly.

Can you please explain this scenario and what should we add in fix?

2 or 3 participants? I think the dominant speaker won’t change for 2 participants because the JVB is not involved. When it is, that is, with 3 or more participants, there is no difference and you should be seeing the event.

You are right, with 2 speaker I am not getting dominate speaker stats.

Can you also confirm whats the difference between dominate speaker and speaker stats (Enabling Speaker Stats | Jitsi Meet)

We need to know the current speaker participant id within the react native code to do some UI updates.

Speaker stats are enabled by default. You can test them on
These are stats about approximate duration of people talking in the meeting. Counting works locally, but for newcomers it needs a serverside component to update the times for what happened before the participant joins.
I think speakerstats works for two participants … Maybe the events that are used for that can be bubbled up and to replace the events that normally come from the bridge … Any PRs are welcome.