Android Chrome Device Selection is not working when prejoinPageEnabled is disabled

Steps to reproduce

  1. join a meeting change audio device to earspeaker and leave meeting ,so that next meeting will join with same device (earspeaker)
  2. join new meeting without prejoinpage (preview page)
  3. also startAudioMuted:true
  4. after joining meeting, device change is not working

Issue noticed :-
if we are joining meeting without prejoin page and startAudioMuted:true , audio track is not added to redux .

check init() in conference.js

Do you mean startWithAudioMuted ? In that case not adding it to the conference is correct.

When you say device change doesn’t work you mean you cannot change it or that it doesn’t respect your previous choice?

i tried to switch from earspeaker to loud speaker, even i switch still audio is coming from earspeaker

try switching audio device 2-3 times …, issue is there i am sure about it