Android - Can add a Password to the conference or can I set a user limit on a meeting from JitsiMeetActivityInterface and JitsiMeetViewListener?

Hello people. I am trying to integrate Jitsi using Android Studio. Right now I have an activity which implements JitsiMeetViewListener and JitsiMeetActivityInterface. I am creating a JitsiMeetView and that’s how I am joining the conference. (I tried using just JitsiMeetActivity but I need to do something specific when a user leaves the call and the way to listen to that was with onConferenceTerminated(). If there’s any other idea that I dont know about on this you can tell me about this too.)

I can add a password to the conference so that only the ones who know the password can enter the conference. But is it possible?

Or can I add a limit on the number of persons who can join in on the conference? Fore example, if I have a 4 people group 4 people will be able to join, if 5 then 5 will be able to.

Thank you.