Android cache data

i implement it exactly like chat.enabled flag, its same way

in conference.js

_toolboxEnabled: getFeatureFlag(state, TOOLBOX_DONTSHOW, true),

and in constant.js i defined

export const TOOLBOX_DONTSHOW= ‘toolbox.dontshow’;

Its not necessary to add flag in constants. you can access directly like this getFeatureFlag(state, "showToolbox")

try this and log the result of above line
It should change every time. :thinking:

okay i will try thank your for your help. i am going to use setFeatureFlags same right ?


nothing changed same, its caching. i am using custom jitsi sdk in my app btw,

Are you sure that the flag set correctly? You can use consle.debug() to see its value.

yes flag is setting correctly for the first time but second the its not setting again, its same value. console.debug is showing the previous value

Do you just assign value to _toolboxEnabled ?

yes i assign it _toolboxEnabled: getFeatureFlag(state, “toolbox.enabled”),

Interesting :thinking:
What about the native code?
Are you sure that flag set correctly? Maybe every time flag set to true and never set to false

i tried that i launch first with false then true its remembering false,

i close app and tried again in reverse

first launch with true and than false its remembering first value.

thank you for your help i think im not going to try again

this is my native code

this is jitsi meet

:joy: don’t give up
If you want send me you conference.js to review
maybe I can help

ok I review this

i can show my react native project code too, also the native code between my app and jitsi-sdk is a library called react-native-jitsi-meet i think problem is the library.

i solve the problem with different way,i am now passing the data via setSubject its changing everytime. Thank you for your help.