Android cache data

Hi. I used jitsi meet android sdk in my application. Before rendering the view, I set some feature flag on jitsi meet conference option. When the conference terminated, I call view.leave() and close the jitsi view and change the view(I mean don’t close the app). Now when I try to enter the new conference with the new feature flags, the new conference starts with previous flags. What’s going on exactly? Can I clear previous feature flags without closing the whole app?

Where are you setting those flags exactly? Please share a code snippet.

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    JitsiMeetView view = new JitsiMeetView(this);
    JitsiMeetConferenceOptions options = null;

    Bundle userInfoBundle = new Bundle();
    userInfoBundle.putString("displayName", "test user");
    userInfoBundle.putString("avatarURL", "");

    JitsiMeetUserInfo jitsiMeetUserInfo = new JitsiMeetUserInfo(userInfoBundle);
    try {
        options = new JitsiMeetConferenceOptions.Builder()
                .setServerURL(new URL(""))
                // Here I set the flag
                .setFeatureFlag("foo", "bar")


     } catch (MalformedURLException e) {

Can you paste the full Activity? That method looks ok, but the bug might be elsewhere. Also, what flag are you setting?

i’m using chat.enabled flag and its same its using previous setting

@nima_xRay have you find solution ?

what do you exactly want to do?

i am facing same issue, i have 2 function one of them chat.enabled, false other one is true and its remembering the previous setting, but the conference url changes correctly.

can you send a snippet of your code?


 RNJitsiMeetConferenceOptions options = new RNJitsiMeetConferenceOptions.Builder()


 RNJitsiMeetConferenceOptions options = new RNJitsiMeetConferenceOptions.Builder()

where are you using this flag in react native? and how?

i am using

You pass chat.enable flag to react native. where are you using this flag in react native source code? I’m afraid this flag is not defined by default so you should modify react native code and get this flag and then enable or disable chat

Actually I didn’t use jitsi meet default flag in my use case and I don’t know how are the behaviour of pre defined flags. If the flag doesn’t change try this: set chat.enanle flag to null on view dispose. I’m not sure if it work but try :slight_smile:

okey i’ll try thank you, but what is the way you setting flags ?
in here

I use custom flags. For example I set user number like this setFeatureFlag("number","1234567890") and get this flag on react native and use somewhere. Actually there is no caching problem and it was my fault and I fixed it. These flags like chat.enable are defined by jitsi meet.

okay actually its not the chat flag, i defined my own custom flag like chat.enabled, but i implement it in constant.js file how did you implement your custom flag ? can you show example of your code if its possible

What do you want to do with that flag? ok I’ll send you some snippet

i have toolbox.dontshow,true flag ,its not showing toolbox only video showing, and using that flag i change the background color of participant to WHITE, with basic if state. its working but it keep caching when i join another conference, its using previous toolbox.dontshow flag setting

How you get this flag in react native?

No I mean is this predefined flag? or a custom flag?