Android augmented reality using jitsi meet


i’m trying to use both , the augmented reality and webrtc in andrdoid devices.
I’m trying to implement an augmented reality example inside jitsi meet android app, and to send the video stream to the browser, using the jitsi sdk, but if i use the android augmented reality i can’t use jitsi meet sdk inside the same app.

Samone have tried something similar ?

Is possible to use jitsi to implement a similar app ?

Thank you


Why not? What errors do you get?


When the augmented reality starts, jitsi meet stops the stream connection.
I don’t have errors.
So apparently, i can’t have both sharing the same cam.

Is possible to share the screen on jitsi meet android app?
Or is possible to keep the cam stream somehow and send the stream to jitsi sdk ?

Thank you


That’s correct, but that’s a system limitation AFAICT, not one specific to Jitsi Meet.

This is not yet possible.

This is not possible.