Android App "You have been disconnected"


I’ve noticed that the Android app doesn’t work with my selfhosted Jitsi server.
If I try to start a meeting or join an existing one, I just receive the message, that I’ve been disconnected.
If I try the same in a browser on the same device, it’s working fine.

I installed the server with the base installer scripts by @emrah
I’ve already changed the nginx configuration to use the fullchain.pem file instead of the crt file as described in the FAQ. But this didn’t had any effect.
Also I can’t find any errors in all of the existing logfiles.
Does anyone has any idea what else could cause this issue?

When did you install?

A new jitsi-meet is released today. The previous version has a known bug. If the following line doesn’t exist in your config.js, add it

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Thank you so much.
Adding this line fixed the issue!

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