Android App With User Trusted Cert

I’m trying to get the Jitsi Meet Android app from the Play Store to connect to a Jitsi instance I’m hosting. This is on a private WAN and there’s no proper FQDN against which to register Lets Encrypt certs.

I’ve created a CA and one subordinate server certificate using OpenSSL and have trusted my CA trust anchor cert in the Android certificate store (as well as in Chrome and Firefox browser cert stores on a Linux laptop).

The browsers on the laptop and Android phone can visit my jitsi instance (jitsi.localdomain) without showing any certificate errors. However, the Android app won’t connect. Inspection of the packet capture shows the TLS connection fails with “Certificate Unknown” error shortly after my server certificate is transferred. The CA cert I added to the store is clearly working as the phone browser doesn’t show certificate errors.

It seems likely that the Android Jitsi Meet app isn’t picking up my trust anchor from the Android cert store - is there a way I can get the app to trust my root cert?

Same issue here. The it also happens with Jitsi binding for Flutter.