Android app using Jitsi SDK will detect incorrect audio device

I’m building an Android app using the Android Jitsi SDK. The problem is that when we hand over to the JitsiMeetActivity to handle the meeting, the activity is really flaky with detecting the mic on the webcam. Often it will correctly select and use that device, but it can easily not detect or use the mic on the webcam - so the remote party does not receive any audio from the android device.

The app is being deployed to an Android media box. We’ve experimented with a variety of webcam / mic combinations, including the Logitech C920, the Aukey PC-LM1E etc. However, we cannot see any way of setting the preferred media devices used on the calls. Is this possible? How can we set the camera / mic combination?

Any help greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

We currently use this API, which doesn’t allow us to select it: AudioManager  |  Android Developers any ideas on how to change that are welcome :slight_smile: