Android app speaker volume very low

I am using Sumsung S9 with Android 9 to have a video meeting with a web user. but the speaker volume is very low, I can hardly hear it even with the max volume.

the logs shows the AudioMode Selected audio device : SPEAKER

I played some video on this mobile. the speaker is very loud


I think you might really be using the earpiece due to a bug we fixed recently. Please try this: go into settings (“hamburger” menu on the welcome page) toggle advanced settings and togle “Disable native call integration”. Do you notice a difference?

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yes. that’s much better.
why does it happen ?
is there a way to disable it in the SDK code or MainActivity ?

If a bug when ConnectionService is not engaged. We now fallback to an alternative form of device management, which that toggle forces. You can either wait for the next release, which does this automatically, or force it by setting the “call-integration.enabled” feature flag to false. You can do this in the JitsiMeetConferenceOptions object you pass to JitsiMeetActivity.launch. See the setFeatureFlag function.

thanks. I will try to disable it via options.
actually I have read this topic:

I have apply the pull 4896 and 4904 but not work

Hum, that’s unexpected.

Can you build the SDK off master, and paste the logcat output when you observe the problem?

I just rebuild the SDK… the problem not happen again with your pull fix.

I will keey an eye on it. if it reproduce, I will capture the logs

Good to know, thanks!


HI the issue reproduced. the logcat is too big. can you give some key word to filter ?

if possible, can you expain what is call-integration ?

I need to see the lines in context. Please send the entire logcat from the start of the app, just for your app, of course.

the info level ?


only need 1 person to start a meeting ? or need 2 person ?

You need at least 2.


here is the log for 2 users.

one is from Samsung S9 Android 9. the other is using web client.

android_no_speaker_2_members.txt (259.0 KB)

I think I know what’s happening. Did you ever put a SIM card on this device? (if you didn’t, that’s the reason, but wait since it will be fixed if you insert one and we won’t be able to validate the fix). I’ll make a PR for you to test.

no sim card in it. this is just a testing machine.


please post the fix in the reply. I will test it later.

Please try this:

Note that this problem is specific to Samsungs (AFAICT) and it only happens if you have never ever installed a SIM card on the device. If you install a SIM card and then remove it, it works. Go figure…

it’s much better now
can you explain about the reason and what 's call-integration ?