Android app: Show current speaker

Hello everyone!

Jitsi Meet looks to be a fantastic app. I am a developer with experience in signal processing and internetworking so might chime in to improve features and stability over time.

But for now, I have only one question:

Jitsi Meet for Android shows a little blue symbol on the square preview of the currently speaking person. So the app is clearly able to discern it.

How do I change to a mode so that the application automatically switches to a full screen image of whom is speaking?

Have been browsing the menus of the app and searched here, but no avail…
Sorry if it is completely obvious but I just cannot find it…

Thanks in advance.

You can pin participants by clicking on them, there should be small indication of that, like border. When one participant is pinned switching the on stage does not happen, you need to unpin that participant by clicking its thumb again and it will switch to the currently talking one and will follow the one talking…