Android App & SDK - Kotlin


I will be working with Jitsi for foreseeable future and have worked with Android a long time. I have a good working knowledge of Kotlin and wondered if there was any appetite to move the Android side of things in that direction?

Kotlin and Java as many will know have great interoperability so we can do things slowly and realise the benefits bit by bit

If happy I can create a PR to enable Kotlin in the build and submit it before any code changes are made.

Thanks and I look forward to working with and on Jitsi :grinning:

Hi Graham, and welccome to our community!

We have other projects using Kotlin already, so it’s definitely on the table. Once you dig in you might notice that there is not a ton of Java code to bein with, since most of the Android app is written in JS and then there are plugins which we don’t control.

Rewriting the Java code we have in Kotlin would mean we spend time re-doing something which is already done, instead of spending time in doing new stuff. Even if you do all the work, it needs to be reviewed and tested, so the overall effort is not zero. Son, on one hand this gives me pause. On the other, however, it may make the code more approachable, so it may make it more compeling for people to contribute.

How about this: try to rewrite a small module and let’s ttake it from there!