Android app keeps You have been disconnected


Thank you for creating and helping with Jitsi.
I have a valid SSL certificate, which is fine on a web browser (connection is secure) but I have always “You have been disconnected” whenever I create/join on a Mobile Jitsi app on Android 10. I have tested on 3 different Mobiles on WiFi and Mobile data.
Error message:
You have been disconnected.
You may want to check your network connection. Reconnecting in x sec…
I reinstalled Jitsi few times on Debian 9, tried on Apache and Nginx both the same problem.
Can you please help me where to look to fix the problem?

What does say about your cert?

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Thank you Gadgetusaf, you saved my day.
My certificate was missing intermediate one, after uploading both in one file Mobile app working perfectly well.
Have a nice day.

I have the same issues, only mobile devices are disconnecting, I check the certificate at and it say correct chain. I even generated the certificate to check the expiry and it is still good till November of 2020. Where else should I check to solve this issue? Thank you in advance.

i am using the android sdk, and the url but still i get this message even if my internet connection is good
please can someone tell how to solve this error