Android App HD voice or stereo sound

many thanks for Jitsi and to everyone who is involved :slight_smile:
I am running jitsi at my odroid c2 with Dietpi at home.

I found one thing i would like to mention:
When you use the Android Jitsi meet App in my case on a Nokia 8.3 Android 12 phone then it seems that you don´t have HD sound or stereo sound (Tested with sharing music with voicemeter or via Desktop sharing + audio)
But when you open Android Firefox on the same phone and go to the website to the same channel than HD/Stereo sound is possible - in the meaning that the sound quality is much better than with the Jitsi meet App.
The server is configured like this:

disableAGC: true,
disableAP: true,
disableAEC: true,
disableNS: true,
disableHPF: true,
     audioQuality: {
         stereo: true,
         opusMaxAverageBitrate: 510000 // Value to fit the 6000 to 510000 range.

If possible can you please have a look into this? many thanks

Those settings are not used by the mobile apps, so you are still getting mono audio with a bunch of filtering for AEC and NS.

Enabling stereo on mobile is a tad more complex and we haven’t gotten around doing it, any help there would be welcome.