Android app does not connect, every other Browser/iOS app working

I have installed an jitsi instance on my own server which is behind a NAT router. The installation I have done accordingly to the Self-Hosting Guide at the jitsi meet handbook.
I am using a wildcard certificate (* This is working for every browser local and connection from the internet. The jitsi meet app on an iOS device works fine.

On a Samsung Galaxy Tab A running Android 7 the app doesn’t connect to jitsi.
Info from the app when I want to connect: “The connection is aborted. Please check your network connection.” When I use the Google Chrome browser on Android and open the Connection as a desktop client it works fine.

At Wireshark I can see that the Android app get an “Certificate Unknown” alert.

Linux version: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS running jitsi instance

Does anybody have an idea where is the problem?

Thanks for your help.

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If your TLS certificate is issued by Let’s Encrypt, you may be suffering from a known issue: The Android app does not accept Let’s Encrypt certificates from the TURN server

Thank you for this information plokta. The problem with Let’s Encrypt I didn’t know yet.
My certificate isn’t from Let’s Encrypt, so that wasn’t my fault.

I have solved the problem. There was a fault in the chain of the certificate. Now it is working.

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Thanks, This information helped me lot.