Android app can't join conference in LAN


I’m using Jitsi-Meet android app in LAN with a DNS server through safe https connection. If we join a conference from the website and Android app. We can see each other is at the conference but no video and audio on two screens. The error on the app is
JitsiConference.js, Failed to accept incoming Jingle session. code:'',reason:'item-not-found',msg:'No participant found for',session:'JingleSessionPC[p2p=false,initiator=false,sid=3I2garn98jram'
I also test in WAN, everything works fine, there are no errors reported and connecting speed is much better.
I have set p2p to false and thirdPartyRequest to false in LAN

Possible Solution
Jitsi-Meet does not support working in LAN, configure mistakes or network’s problems.

Environment details
In docker, ubuntu

This is a screen shot of error on app


Is your server reachable over LAN? Does it work from a browser is a regular PC?


Yes. LAN server is reachable and PC to PC works.