Android and iOS Apps v. Jigasi

I thought that perhaps this post belonged in the Install & Config category, since I wasn’t getting any response, rather than on the Developers category, so please forgive the duplication of this post.

I was about to get a VOXImplant account so I could install Jigasi, but the manager of this project objected saying we can just use the Android and iOS apps and forget about dial in.

Does anyone have experience here on whether the iOS and Android apps are a replacement for Jigasi, or are used in conjunction with it or are indeed required for the Apps to work?

It doesn’t matter much, it needs someone to have time to answer you :slight_smile: (I deleted the other one just to clear things)

On your answer if you will be dialing in from a mobile phones which have Internet, there is no point of using jigasi. With jigasi you will add a new infrastructure to care about, you will downgrade the call quality a lot as traditional telephony is using 8kHz audio compared to webrtc on 44kHz. Webrtc has a mechanisms for error correction and improving lost packets which you don’t have with jigasi and traditional telephony.

Example: you have a web/mobile client with bat network jitter and loss of packet, all web/mobile clients will hear that audio so much clear than the one that dail in because of the advanced mechanisms …
So go on with mobile clients if that is possible.

Thanks for the heads up. I will follow your lead here. You seem to be one of the main drivers of the Jitsi project, and I assume you know the Jitsi code as well as anyone.

I will install Jibri/FFMPEG as I think this enhances the basic Jitsi install.