Analyzing jicofo log file

Dear All,
I would like to debug/trace some incidents happening during a meeting. Therefore I would like to understand the meanings of several jicofo warnings. Is there any doc on this subject please?
For instance, there are the following warnings, I wonder whether they are potentially serious errors:
-Focus role unknown
-Participant not found for 9b0484d72cad823feb795e97498e1fd04d8a62a2-358-4428-15264@conference./11779aa5 terminated already or never started ?
-No jingle session yet for 9b0484d72cad823feb795e97498e1fd04d8a62a2-358-4428-15264@conference./cf0581f1
-Region info, conference=51110: [[null, null, null, null]] // increasing number of null values goes here
-Owner has left the room !
-Expiring channels for …
-Terminate session: …
-Remove source: no jingle session for
-Logout IQ received:

Many thank in advance for your helps

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