Analytics disabled, disposing. Cannot get Matomo integration working

I tried to setup Matomo for ananlytics. I’ve set the endpoint and the site.

matomoEndpoint: '',
matomoSiteID: '1',

But on the console I am seeing

Logger.js:154 2020-12-16T22:38:37.726Z [JitsiMeetJS.js] <Object.init>:  Analytics disabled, disposing.
Logger.js:154 2020-12-16T22:38:37.726Z [modules/statistics/AnalyticsAdapter.js] <Object.dispose>:  Disposing of analytics adapter.
Logger.js:154 2020-12-16T22:38:37.736Z [modules/statistics/AnalyticsAdapter.js] <Object.dispose>:  Disposing of analytics adapter.

This raises a couple of questions I could not find an answer to yet.

  1. What setting do I need for the adapter to be enabled?
  2. Has disableThirdPartyRequests an effect on the analytics?
  3. Why does it look like two analytics adapters get disposed?
  4. Does the scriptURLs explicitly need to be set? and to what for Matomo?

Just found this thread Matomo not receiving data - #2 by rickgoud

It’s a shame disableThirdPartyRequests seem to affect an explicit tracking configuration.
We enabled it to disable e.g. avatar support. Seems like we can only have one or the other. Not great.

why not enabling it and setting
// gravatarBaseURL: ‘’;
to localhost ?

I wasn’t aware of that option. Thanks!

Are there any other 3rd party services besides gravatar?

the one I know of are the stun server and, you can customize these servers or not use them, there may be other services - I don’t claim to know Jitsi-meet inside out.