An option to have higher frame rate over low latency with screenshare?

Is there an option to have higher frame rate (30+) over low latency with screenshare for average users(non-developers)? In software like Zoom the frame rate is much higher and more capable at showcasing work that involves fluid movements.

I have found some posts that are somewhat related but they require setups with codes and stuffs.

Bump. Very critical feature that is missing compared to other video conference setup. Impossible to share screen to show fluid actions without it.

Well, no one has a single clue?

here is the configuration in /etc/jitsi/meet/*-config.js

// Optional desktop sharing frame rate options. Default value: min:5, max:5.
 desktopSharingFrameRate: {
     min: 30,
     max: 60 

Thank you but I believe that is for linux OS? I can’t find it on my win 10. I’m using the browser version. Is there any way to configure that?

You can add the following to the URL when you connect to the room to improve framerate



Thank you so so much. It would be a life saver if it works. I will try it the next time I use Jitsi Meet. Thank you.

Hey, I tried it twice but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Do the person doing the screenshare thing add the string of codes or do everyone have to input it as well?

This is fantastic and a lifesaver, thank you so much!