An error occurred while trying to start remote control session


It is my first post here. We are using the latest version of Jitsi Meet packaged for Ubuntu 18.04 (2.0.4468-1) and Prosody 0.11.5 on our own server. Everything is working perfectly except the remote control of users without a webcam. These users have the latest version of Jisti Meet Electron (2.0.2). When they are asked to allow remote control of their screen, users without a webcam get this error message " An error occurred while trying to start remote control session" even if their screen is still shared (but without a possibility to remote control it). Users with a webcam don’t have this issue.

I was considering to fill a bug report on Github for the Electron client, however I don’t have this issue with the public server (remote control works regardless of the presence of a webcam), so I wonder if there is something inside our Jitsi server that is causing this issue. We have a standard setup using standard Ubuntu and Prosody packages, the only custom configuration was to add LDAP authentication to create new conference rooms.The server has a public IP address and is not NATed.

I read available documentation on the Internet and available configuration file parameters in Jitsi Meet, but I don’t find anything. I don’t see any error in the log files when screen sharing fails. In older posts some people were complaining that screen sharing did not work at all but the issue I am writing about is specific to remote control for users without a camera.

With more and more people obliged to work remotely, I think that Remote Control is an important feature. If this issue has nothing to do with the server, I will post on Jitsi Meet Electron’s Github.

Have anyone experienced these issues ?


I am also experiencing this error when trying to initiate remote control.

I am getting this error after quitting Jitsi-Meet Electron subsequent to trying to remotely control a Mac.

A Javascript Error Occurred in the Main Process:

Uncaught Exception:
TypeError: Object has been destroyed
at ScreenShareMainHook._onScreenSharingEvent (/Applications/Jitsi
at IpcMainImpl.emit (events.js:210:5)
at WebContents. (electron/js2c/browser_init.js:3851:15)
at WebContents.emit (events.js:210:5)

I tried this on a server I set up with Jitsi and also using a meeting on

Same error. anyone?

The problem was solved for me after upgrading to the latest available version of Jitsi Meet on the server today: Ubuntu 18.04 jitsi-meet-web amd64 package upgraded from 1.0.4025-1 to 1.0.4074-1. It is now possible to remote control a Jitsi Meet Electron user even if he doesn’t have a webcam.

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I enabled this on a custom client that we made, but it seems like we get this error anytime you have more than 1 monitor on mac os big sur . Any chance thats an easy fix?