An alternmative Czech translation

Hello! I have been given the task to translate the Jitsi Meet into Czech in the beginning of the pandemic, since back then, only a fraction of the translation was done. I have been given the main-cs.json file which I have translated, but I have found out that’s not the recommended way (Pootle is), so the question is, what now?

I still maintain my version of the translation, since, honestly, I think it’s better than the official one. I am of course biased, and I don’t want to throw my work away just like that, so I would like to ask it it would be possible to include it in the project as an alternative (since I use a more vivid language that technical texts usually do, I would call my version “vivid”, while yours could be “official”, or “dry”).

I think adding one more option for the user without taking anything away would only benefit the project. I vow to maintain my version - if options are added or removed, I will update the translation as necessary.

Please, let me know what you think.

Best Regards
Daniel Ryslink