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good night, how many people can participate in a meeting?

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If you’re asking about, the limit is 75 people, but there are warnings that performance hits may start showing up after about 35. If you host your own Jitsi server, you’re only limited by the resources you commit to it.

@Freddie , Just a quick one.

As you mentioned, 75 is the limit for one meeting, so in that case, if suppose I have 5 meetings, can I have 75 people in all the five meetings ? That makes it 375 people in all. 75 per meeting on a server with 128 CPU’s, 3 TB RAM

No, the 75 limit is on the public instance at, like I mentioned. If you’re hosting your own server (it sounds like you are), then, you’re only limited by the resources you have. For Jitsi, the most important resource is your bandwidth. CPU and RAM are important too, but the most crucial resource is your bandwidth. With the specs you stated, you can definitely host that number of people IF your bandwidth is sufficient to support it.

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Yes. I have good bandwidth and my own server, no issues with it.

Just an update, I am trying the PR for enabling OCTO on docker-jitsi-meet. From all the articles and responses in the community, I am sure that a successful OCTO setup can help me push the 75 per meeting participant limit to atleast 150-200. If I am successful, I will post it here.

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