Always on Top / Picture in Picture for Chrome


Chrome has recently added the ability to do Picture in Picture built-in and released an extension that adds a button to trigger it

This would be a great feature to add a button for in Jitsi Meet

They have details on how to implement custom button code to trigger this

There’s also an Auto Picture-in-Picture mode that might be interesting so if Jitsi loses focus in the browser it would automatically be activated.

More details from the API for this

Would be great to see this added to Jitsi, it’s one thing that really separates the Jitsi experience from apps like Zoom when you want to be on a conference and still continue doing some browsing or work unobstructed.

In the meantime the extension is great for those who know about it :slight_smile:
(You can also right click twice to access the Picture in Picture menu without the extension but that’s even less convenient)