Alternative way of running Jitsi Meet "make" after "npm install"


We’re currently trying and experimenting Jitsi using AWS T2 micro instance (30gb) and everytime I run make, after some time the CPU usage spikes up to 100% and process is being killed. However, I was able to run make on my cloned jitsi meet repository in my local machine.

Is it okay to just run the make in local machine zip it and then upload whatever is in the source_package directory?

Upon checking there is something like this: very similar to the remote server’s /usr/share/jitsi-meet content.

Or there will be issues in doing so and I should really run make in the self-hosted jitsi meet server?

Thanks for the clarification.

That is perfectly fine, this is how devs use/test it in some situations.

Thanks a lot @damencho . It worked.

After running make source-package, I uploaded it in the remote server, and did tar -xvjf jitsi-meet.tar.bz2 and then use it as the root instead of usr/share/jitsi-meet.