is reconnecting every time we start a meeting. We are not able to proceed to meeting screen. Please find the logs attached

|Connect to
Start Meeting.
We will be reconnected to the meeting even when we have good internet connection. This happens every time.
Please find the console logs below. when we start meeting it always reconnects. · Issue #12075 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

Do you have the same problem for

Yep, alpha is down. Thanks for the heads up! Note that alpha is a development server, not meant for actual traffic.

@emrah No Issue is only with alpha.
@saghul We are using alpha as our development server. When i try to input a number then also we get the same error. Any idea when will it be solved. it was working till yesterday 4pm

Alpha is operational now.

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You should not be using it for that.

The server is down still.

Connection error

Your device may be offline or our servers may be experiencing problems.

In other words… Alpha is not guaranteed to be up. Find another development server. (You should host your own actually)

should be up again, it needed some cert update