Allowing only token auth

I’ve enable token auth in my deployment and disabled guest access. Now when someone loads a meeting without a token, they see a login dialog.

Are there config options to:

  1. Not offer the login dialog
  2. Disable username+password auth on the server so users cannot authenticate via a different client

[1] is something I could probably customise if there is no pre-defined option for that, but I could use some pointers on where to start with [2].


p.s. To offer some context just in case I’m going about this all wrong, I plan to generate JWT tokens and redirect users to meetings from my app. [2] is to be sure that the app is the only way users can create or join a meeting. And [1] is to avoid confusing users e.g. if they reload the meeting and see an unfamiliar login dialog.

So according to the following posts:

it is not possible to create local users when JWT auth is enabled. So as long as we can protect credentials of internal users (e.g. I noticed I could log in using credentials for focus user), disabling username+password auth is unnecessary? That settles item [2].

So just a matter of modifying jitsi-meet to not display login dialog to handle item [1].