Allowing a third way

As I understand it, now we have two ways:

  1. Iframe ApI lets us modify a few things and then you take care of all the difficult work keeping running for us and you or 8x8 incur the bandwidth costs.

  2. Our own instance where we can modify more things but we also have to take care of all of the difficult work keeping jitsi running on our server and we incur the bandwidth costs.

Because it is possible for me to hire a developer to do the modifications allowed in the API, but I don’t want to hire someone able to keep jitsi running on my server, it would be nice if there were a third ground where I could do the first one, not the second done, and then pay you or 8x8 for the bandwidth charges incured to keep my meetings running.

Might also be good if my developer can’t get my site to work the way I want while still showing the 8x8 ads at the end of the meeting. I guess we could take the current 8x8 ad text and put a permanent 8x8 advertisment and link on the page with the embedded meeting.

If a lot of us make substantial use of via the Iframe api, at some point, if those 8x8 ads don’t pay off for 8x8, might they kill or not let us use it as they do now?

So, Jitsi as SAS with ability for us to modify the things in the API.