Allow users to block users they don't like

When I made my WebRTC chat client, I made it so users could block another user in the room if they did not like them.
Methods like muting them or turning off their camera.
So my question is Have you done this in the Jitsi Client yet?
If you had an option for the user to block someone they don’t like then you would not need a lobby.
Have you done any of these options yet?
On my Jitsi client, I am using nicknames to then it is possible to start implementing there blocking options.
If there is not a way to do these options on Jitsi then I would say make it possible by using Ids/numbers so then you can let the user take control of who they want to talk to and see with blocking/muting and so on.
I am hoping you will say yes we did that ages ago lol
Dev to Dev’s you know there are a lot of ways to create a user in a database using numbers or letters and rewrite that because you lose so much without having a name/id to a user on any platform.
Most important of all block and ban, user block/ignore the turn of cam and voice.

Not being rude and staying professional here, but then no need for a lobby witch is the worsed idea I have seen for many years :slight_smile:

Make it more simple so people can ignore each other in the rooms just like every other chat client out there.
I just copied Facebooks method of blocking but if you did this to Jitsi it would change it for the better.
Now saying all this, I have not been keeping up with the progress so if you have already done something like this then I take my hat off to you :slight_smile:

If not then look into my advice and innovate a method so these options can be used by the user, just ignore, stop there voice and turn their cam off.

That would be very close to my old WebRTC client then but its much better than a lobby that I will have to use.

Let me know how you are getting on with the security side of things and id like to hear what you think of my post, in a good way of course lol

Chat soon and hope you’re all fit and well.

Take Care.

I think it would be a great idea if you let the users choose who to ignore and there are plenty of methods to do it so I wanted to give you some food for thought on this as it worked great for me and every other platform out there, I also don’t know if you have done it or are going to do it?
My advice would make Jitsi a lot more flexible this way, just copy how all the other clients do it, when you ignore them they disappear or you can turn there cam off and voice.
I’d like to see what you think?