Allow only one Moderator

I have setup docker-jitsi-meet and I have successfully enabled internal_authentication. Now only authorized users that I have created in prosody can create host meetings and the guests can just join.

My questions are

  1. Can we have only one moderator in the meeting ? I see that whenever a guest joins in, there is a message that “Moderator rights granted to fellow jitser”. Can I disable that ?

  2. If the moderator leaves, ends the meeting, the meeting should end for all the participants. I see that when the moderator leaves, the guests are still present in the meeting.

  3. Can I have something like -

"Jack" the moderator, has created the meeting and other guests are able to join in the meeting, but guests can not turn their mic and camera on. As if jack is the only person authorized to use the camera and mic in the meeting. Something like a presenter mode

  1. Can Jack manually choose whose camera and mic needs to be on, just in case anybody from the guests want to speak
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