Allow only one Moderator

I have a module where I need only one single moderator even if moderator is log out from the session and does not assign a moderator role to others.

If the moderator logged in again then reassign the moderator role again for the same user.

Kindly please help me with the solution

Hi and welcome!
Assigning moderator is done by jicofo as jicofo is creating the rooms and is admin of the room. So you will need changes to jicofo


I see current jitsi-meet packages do setup service to room creator becomes the only moderator.
How is this set (at /etc/prosody/prosody.cfg.lua ?) and what to change exactly to switch between this behaviour and “everybody as a moderator”?

Thank you

All moderators lua module.


Where you see it? In what config file?
All my users become moderators after connection to conference.

Disable the all moderators lua module for stopping the everyone to become moderator.

But it is not enabled as I see.
I did not enabled it manually.

did u follow (implementing moderator mode) after (normal installation) ? you can also use docker installation for easy implementation…

Yes, we use docker installation.
And this is the answer for all moderators - How are Modersators selected?

I did ENABLE_AUTH=1 and ENABLE_GUEST=1 in the .env file so that the room creator must be a moderator but anyone can join after the room starts… and only the user with the password is a moderator in that room… someone can even join later and authenticate himself to be one of the moderator in that room from normal user.

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We have similar configuration but with JWT tokens.
Jitsi for us is a Video conferencing system for Rocket Chat.
And all authenticated and not authenticated users get moderator rights because of lua module.

Oh May be I tried some with jwt tokens … isn’t ENABLE_GUEST working in jwt implementation? or after the room creation even the user have moderator role type things?

Works great!
Users outside Rocket Chat can’t create rooms, only authenticated users from Rocket Chat can.

After room creation all connected to room users get moderator rights, despite authenticated or guest.

yeah I remeber what you are saying… If you use jwt for authentication then anyone who enters room with jwt token become moderator in that room… for normal user u need to join normally without using jwt token…
but if u wanna implement both role using jwt may b u need to do some extra work… Docker-jitsi-meet JWT support here is the full thread and u will see necessary module for your required environment (I wanted that environment too as I also didnt want any one to join a already created room by moderator).
We didn’t want this solution and what we did is after room creation moderator set a random password
immediately alltime and my desired users join that room using that room password.

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where can i disable it .
in which config file ?

where can i find it??

It’s disabled by default.

but still everyone have a moderator permissions

what is the output for

grep allowners /etc/prosody/conf.avail -R

i cant find and conf file with this name.