Allow non-moderators to create break-out rooms in a server or create them by default in all channels

Hi All,

Break-out rooms in the latest release are awesome. We use it extensively, since with the working-from-home craze the team pretty much sits in a permanent channel all day, every day. This allows people to get a seperate room to discuss things, while the rest of the team knows where everyone is should we need them in case of an emergency.

The problem for us is, only the moderator can create break-out rooms in a channel. And the moderator is the first person who gets into a channel, so this can be quite random. Right now, we assign the moderator role to everyone when they join, so they can do it too, but sometimes we forget to do this, and the moderator is AFK for some time, resulting in no break-out room to be created when we need one.

Would it be possible to configure Jitsi in such a way that:

  • Non-moderators can create break-out rooms too?
  • Or, when a channel is created a predefined number of break-out rooms is created in that channel immediately?

That way, everybody can create a break-out room when they need it, or there is already a set available for them to use when the channel is created.

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I don’t think it’s a great idea to allow anyone to create Breakout Rooms; you’re bound to lose control of the environment. You can instead implement Secure Domain, which allows only registered users to assume the Moderator role with associated privileges. Unlike the default setting where the first person in the room automatically becomes the Moderator, with Secure Domain, only designated users (registered in prosody) are able to create meeting rooms (and breakout Rooms).

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