Allow non-authenticated users to create a room for specific URL

I set up a JWT authentication with my Jitsi instance and it works perfectly, so a user authenticate with JWT to create a room and everyone else can join the room without authentication
Now I’d like some rooms to be created by anyone, without authentication, on the same Jitsi instance. For exemple, a user can connect to without authentication, whereas if he wants to connect to he needs authentication.
The objective here is that Jitsi must recognize the /free part of the URL, and set a configuration where user doesn’t need authentication.
I’ve found a way to change the configuration in config.js, as it is JavaScript I can get the URL and modify configuration, but this is not enough to disable the JWT authentication. I’ve tried to modify the jitsi-meet.cfg.lua file but I didn’t find anything that works.
Is there a “secret configuration” in order to have like 2 configurations on the same server (and domain)
Thanks :slight_smile:

You may install two Jitsi systems using the same domain name and put haproxy in front of them to redirect traffic according to the room name

Thanks for your reply.
Do you think it is possible to do this without two Jitsi systems ? With Nginx to redirect according to the room name