Allow iphone and android support webRTC

Allow new iphone and android to use jitsi without the app.

We have no plans to allow this in the short term. We are invested in the mobile apps, which can provide a much better user experience thanks to integration with system services such as CallKit.

Can you create the option to Continue without app? I think it is a bad user experience to download app, when it is not necessary

We have no plans to do that.

I have used a simulator to use jitsi on my iPhone X, but after using it my phone got heated and my iOS crashed, during restoring my iOS I got an error which was called iPhone Error 4013. So I recommend not to use it.

I do appreciate the spread of FUD a single bit.

That error is a hardware issue. iPhones shutdown when they get too hot, trust me, take a trip somewhere warm and you’ll see.

The fact that it broke coincidentally when you were testing Jitsi is just that, a coincidence.

yes, the phone will get warm, because it’s doing graphically intensive tasks, same as if you play a game.