Allow guest without authentification

Hi, I installed jisty on my sever and It works fine.
Unfortunatly, I have problems when I try to secure domain.
I followed this tutorial

What I want to do is :

  • an user need to log in to create a new room --> It’s OK a login is asked
  • guest has only to clic on the room link to access it without any authentication. --> KO, even if the room is opened by a logged user, a login and password is asked for the guest.

After the jitsi installation , I modified this three files :

I changed the following :

VirtualHost ""
    authentication = "internal_plain"

And I added the following at the end of the file :

VirtualHost ""
        authentication = "anonymous"
        allow_empty_token = true
        c2s_require_encryption = false

I changed this in the /etc/jitsi/meet/ file

    hosts: {
        // XMPP domain.
        domain: '',
        guest: '',

And I added this line in the /etc/jitsi/jicofo/ file

When an user clic for the first time on this link :, he can log in and the room is opened.
If another user clic on the same link he is also asked to log in while he should be a guest.

Have I done something wrong? Did I forgot something?

Thank you for your help

anonymousdomain: ‘’’,

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Thank you it works! seems I can’t read properly a tutorial…

I have done what you suggest here, but it doesn’t work. When I create a room on my server I am not asked for authentication.

It works now. I did a update of the packages and with the latest one now is OK

Hi, I have the same problem, it ask auth even when the room is already created by authentified user.
I followed this tuto :
Could you help me please ?

Having the same issue as above. I have:


- VirtualHost "jitsi.mydomain"
        authentication = "internal_hashed"


- VirtualHost "guest.jitsi.mydomain"
    authentication = "anonymous"
    allow_empty_token = true
    c2s_require_encryption = false


var config = {
    hosts: {
            domain: 'jitsi.mydomain',
            anonymousdomain: 'guest.jitsi.mydomain'



However, clicking on an invite link still gives me a login prompt, even if the host is in the meeting.

These are my jitsi versions, installed from the digitalocean image marketplace:

ii  jitsi-meet                       2.0.4627-1                                  all          WebRTC JavaScript video conferences
ii  jitsi-meet-prosody               1.0.4127-1                                  all          Prosody configuration for Jitsi Meet
ii  jitsi-meet-turnserver            1.0.4127-1                                  all          Configures coturn to be used with Jitsi Meet
ii  jitsi-meet-web                   1.0.4127-1                                  all          WebRTC JavaScript video conferences
ii  jitsi-meet-web-config            1.0.4127-1                                  all          Configuration for web serving of Jitsi Meet
ii  jitsi-videobridge2               2.1-202-g5f9377b9-1                         all          WebRTC compatible Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU)

turns out I had added the config info to /etc/jitsi/meet/jitsi.mydomain instead of /etc/jitsi/meet/jitsi.mydomain-config.js, total user error :slight_smile:

hello, thanks for the great instructions.
It works, unfortunately no “invitation to persons via telephone number” works after the setup.
Do you have an idea why jigasi no longer works or does something need to be set up for jigasi?

best regards

I have the same problem, only that I use the docker distribution of Jitsi.

I have set env var XMPP_GUEST_DOMAIN for all components.

For prosody, I have set ENABLE_AUTH=1 and ENABLE_GUESTS=1 but after an authenticated user starts a room, the next one is prompted to authenticate, instead of joining as guest…