Allow Guest To Create Room With Enabled Authentication

Hi, I’m using Jitsi Meet Docker, and I would like to know if it is possible to allow guest (unauthenticated user) to create room when the authentication is enabled.
I have set ENABLE_AUTH=1 & ENABLE_GUESTS=1 in .env file, with AUTH_TYPE=jwt, but with this config, the guests are still getting the “Waiting for the host” notification like this:

I have looked on the internet regarding this case, it seems I have to configure something on the prosody’s lua script, but is there any documentation regarding how to configure such setup?

I also have looked in jitsi-meet.cfg.lua script that the VirtualHost for guest domain have been automatically setup to have the same config in here: when I run docker-compose up command.

Thanks in advance.

When using authentication only the host can start the meeting… Can you elaborate on your use case and explain why you need this ? Why can’t you trust your “guest” to be moderator, but you are willing to trust them assigning a password ?

So one of my ideas is to setup a hybrid environment in my online community, which all authenticated users will be registered as the members in my community, and the guests, which are not yet registered in our system are those who interested to join our community are not a member yet / might not become a member, and want to try the video conference feature as an alternative for Zoom.

The thing is most from what I have gathered from various requests, some people just don’t like to registering themselves to another new system, just like Zoom, while most of them actually can use Google Hangouts or Meet, but still forced by the moderator or their leader to use Zoom. While I can allow using SSO services such as Google, FB, etc., they just don’t like to do that, because they just want to try a simple demo of the app. Some members though, prefer to logged in into the system, so they can track their activities. That’s why I want to make them to be able to communicate with each other. In simple term, it is free to choose whether they can use the service with/out registering first.

So I’ve been thinking, does this scenario cannot be done on a single Jitsi instance? Do I have to host another Jitsi instance?

IMO you’re breaking the moderator/guest logic when running this on the same instance.

Users want a quick demo ? Send them to, that’s what it’s for.

I see, I think it make sense, thank you for your reply, I will communicate this solution with both members and non-members.