"Allow camera/microphone" box appears then vanishes suddenly

We’ve just moved a meeting of ten people from Zoom (where it was working fine) to meet.jit.si, with great results except that one participant can’t get in. Everything works normally until “Select Allow when your browser asks for permissions” - then the “allow” box appears for a second, and disappears before she’s able to use it.

I can’t work out why this is happening. She is using Chrome (on Windows 10) with pop-ups enabled. Her camera and microphone work perfectly otherwise (e.g. in Zoom). Has anybody got any ideas about why this would be happening?

Update: strangely, now, she is able to enter the meeting and hear what is being said. But her camera and microphone remain switched off, and on her screen icon it says that she’s switched off the camera and muted the microphone. She hasn’t! Any ideas?

I’d be really grateful for any thoughts. I realize it’s probably something quite simple that I just haven’t thought of. Thank you!

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Check with her to make sure she’s not behind a firewall. She should check her anti-virus application, if she has any, to make sure it’s not blocking her access.

Thanks, Freddie. That doesn’t appear to be the problem though. No firewall is involved, and her anti-virus doesn’t seem to be affecting things as far as I can see. It’s odd.

I have seen this behaviour but the cam and mic are switched on, not off, so it works nonethelless. I was thinking that it was a transient display while the browser or Jitsi javacode was checking that everything was allright and so the authorization prompt was not appearing, but maybe there is a problem here (at least for your user it seems to be the case).
What about just resetting the permissions in the site (Chrome config) ? Maybe the prompt would appear then.

Yup, that was the last thing I tried with her before contacting the forum. It made no difference then, but maybe we should try again - thanks for the suggestion. It’s odd that the box appears for a brief flash, then disappears; if the browser was rejecting pop-ups I don’t think it would appear at all.

Also, before the meeting is initiated by the user, there is a parameter icon at the upper right of the screen, ask the user to check if screen and cam appear in the first tab (“devices”). I think that at some point Chrome has decided that the user does NOT want to give authorization and has this ‘decision’ in its little brain. The Chrome UI is confusing and from this point of view Firefox is better designed.