"Allow attendees to unmute themselves / start their video" should be set to false as default

Is there a way to prohibit the cameras from being turned on by default. In the Participants Pane the moderator can set this after starting the meeting,
However, I would like that at the start of a meeting already not moderators are forbidden to turn on the camera and microphone.
So the default value for “Allow attendees to unmute themselves / start their video” should be set to false.

You could configure your server with startAudioMuted = 0 and startVideoMuted = 0, that way they’ll join muted, but they can still unmute themselves unless you enable AV moderation.

One way around this is to enable the lobby so people need to wait before they can join so you can “prepare” the room before letting them in.

Thanks for the answer.
As a workaround, that’s ok. I was just hoping that you can set the AV moderation parameters in the config or control them externally.
Does anyone have another idea on this?