All users black tiles and cannot unmute

Hello, all. After using and testing Jitsi happily for quite some time, we’ve encountered a new problem. A user will enter the call and suddenly all user tiles go black, all users are muted, and none can unmute. Leaving and re-entering the room does not help. I haven’t experienced this enough times to definitively troubleshoot.

The first time, it was only two users and I fixed it by both users leaving the room and returning after a minute.

The second time was many users. We started with two working fine. A third came in and we all went black (except I could see my video). As new users came in, they were all muted and black. Leaving and returning did not help. I then left, cleared my cache, restarted my browser, and the room worked correctly. I am using Chrome on Debian 10.3.

Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks

I had almost the same issue this morning. In a meeting with about six users, nobody could see or hear anyone but themselves. Most were able to correct this by leaving and returning, but it did not work for everyone.

It looks like there are at least three messages with the same issue. One of the threads makes it look like this might be a temporary problem due to the increased traffic, and may have been fixed.

As an update, we have not see this issue for quite some time so I am guessing it was fixed in a recent update.