All user at tile view


I’m working on web app that under the hood is using Jitsi. In our case at room there don’t be more than 4 user at once. We notice that sometimes (no matter how much users are in the room 2, 3 or 4) some of user doesn’t see all participants at view

below is a screenshot of 4 instance of jitsi (I cut of view of app)

Any advice? where to look why, it is like at screen? I don’t have any thought where to start investigate.

Check the redux are the number of participants is correct. Can it be hidden self-view?

I cant, I’m using docker verion at iframe via api, We dont use self-view

Even in iframe you can change the target and execute:["features/base/participants"].remote int he console what does it show when you have a missing participant?

now I reproduce issue, and one browser has a lack of one participant. I copy paste from iframe, the url and use it at new instance of browser.

As I understand the result of ‘feature/base/participants’ is the rest of user? like can see here 3 of them because the 4th is the current user of browser (copied one)

So this means the remote participant count is good. Which participant you are not seeing, I’m guessing the local one.
You can check the id of the remote participants from their local stats and see is the remote state is correct and you see those.

probably it was caused by our bug in the application, still impelmentation is undergoing tests, but after the recent changes we do not have the above bug

as I will have 100% sure of it I will ask for closing this topic