All streamers are currently busy

I am trying to use Jitsi with YouTube for online teaching purposes and constantly getting the " All streamers are currently busy" since Saturday and tried several times. This happens when I enter the YouTube key and tried it from several differen locations in Turkey as well as with VPN.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Keep well.



Same problem here since days.
I tried to do my own config but there is only a youtube video and not much documentation available.

I am having the same problem, which first affected me on Monday March 16th. I’ve set up test streams to stream to YouTube since then and it continues. I followed the contact link and registered at GitHub, but am finding no help there.
Has the Jitsi staff all vacated because of COVID?
Thanks to anyone who can help.

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We are working on fixing those

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Any ETA on this? Or is there any workaround we can do in the meantime?

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Would be great to see this possible. I have a lecture to give for 250+ people and I want to go without zoom.

Must say that this morning, I was able to test stream. I hope that this is a reliable state. Will keep on testing.

I get the same error when two different conferences try to live stream at the same time. This is on my custom installation of jitsi and jibri. Is this expected behaviour? @damencho