All recording are currently busy error

Dear Team,

We have setup Jitsi in our corporate environment.
We are getting error “All Recordings are currently busy error” while recording is already started in one meeting .

As per below video it shows that for each new meeting another JIBRI is getting assigned , is it necessary to have multiple JIBRI instances , than only recording can work same time in two different meetings ??

Kindly suggest !
Appreciate your help


One jibri is used per session, if you need multiple concurrent sessions, you need multiple instances.

Thanks @damencho ,

In that case to handle multiple concurrent recording what should be best approach regarding JIBRI setup can you please suggest or point to any good reference .

Search the forum @Aaron_K_van_Meerten has suggested some setup. We are using aws and some autoscaling strategy that spins up new instances when there is demand and to always have few spare … or something like that …