All participants in a conference can make annotations on the shared screen


Is it possible that in a conference with Jitsi Meet if the presenter is explaining a topic (sharing his screen) the rest of the guests can write on the screen and everyone can see it?
Each participant in the conference chooses a type of color, and it is possible to make annotations on the screen of the Presenter/Moderator (who shares the screen). The annotations made by the participants disappear after a few seconds when you stop writing on the screen.

I have seen this feature on a platform other than jitsy meet and I think it is very useful for the interaction of all participants.


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You may try whiteboard in

Good idea! When I’m explaining something to my students, I would like to them to see what I’m clicking on. It sounds good if we can annotate (circle and others)

Hi @emrah . Yes, I can use the whitboard, but the purpose is interaction from the presenter to the rest of the people and vice versa on the same screen not to change to the whitboard

Hi @jordanelacroix . I think it is a good idea and Around has this feature, although it is not possible to download the video of the session.


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