All meeting participants audio and video shut off once call begins

I’ve been using jisti meet for a few months now, but since last week I haven’t been able to participate in calls. It should be noted that I only use jisti through the browser app.

I will join a call and perhaps one person will be on the call and all will be normal, but then when more people join the audio and video of the other participants will immediately shut off and I’m unable to see or hear anything. My colleagues have told me that the inverse will happen for them, only my audio and video will shut off and the rest have been able to continue calls with no problem.

When I exit and rejoin the call, the audio and video of the other participants will still be off and I am unable to participate on the calls. I’ve tried joining from different web browsers and my phone and none have proved successful.

I’d suggest you enter in your favourite search engine the following words

test my net speed

pick one of the available sites and run a test of your connection. If there are different options be sure to include upload speed test as well as download speed test.

@denisehtorres When you try joining from your phone, are you using your mobile data or the same internet connection you use on your desktop?

I ran a test and everything seemed fine - is there anything in particular I should look out for?

That’s a good point - I was using the same internet connection as my computer. Next time I’ll try using mobile data. What’s curious is that if there’s only one person on the call, everything works just fine.

upload < 1Mbits/s
download <10 Mbits/s

would seem low for a Jitsi-meet meeting.
You could ask other meeting users to lower their resoluton too it would be an interesting test.