All guests are granted moderator privileges

Using a Windows10 PC and Chrome, I host a video chat show twice a week, using [], and stream it to YouTube. I usually have about 5 to 12 guests in the Jitsi session, and more(usually 15-25) watching the stream on YouTube where they can use the 'Tube text chatbox, which I monitor. And about 3-400 more watch the reruns on YouTube. To enter the Jitsi video, a guest must be a member logged into our areomodeling forum where they can click the link in a members-only thread. Each night’s show is a new stream with a new title and stream key. We do that to prevent trolls from joining the Jitsi Meet, and I manually kick out any trolls that may post in the 'Tube chatbox.

We’re a bunch of guys that build and fly competitive aerobatic model airplanes. Not R/C, but Control Line(C/L)… the kind you fly with a handle in your hand connected to a pair of 60-70 foot control lines. So we hang out and discuss building, flying, and competing… and crashing and repairing, Lol.

So far, I’ve hosted 25 shows with Jitsi and never had this moderator privilege issue. On this Friday night, a popup message was displayed saying each guest who linked into the Jitsi stream was granted moderator privileges. And they all had a small star in the bottom right corner of their thumbnail image.

When I set the show up, I create a new stream in the YouTube’s Creator Studio and copy the stream key. Then I open a Jitsi Meet tab and enter the new title, click Settings>More>Everyone Follows Me. Next, I copy the Share links and paste them into a new members-only thread in our aeromodeling forum. I then click Start Streaming on the Jitsi window, paste the streaam key into it and start streaming to the YouTube Studio. Go Live on the Tube, and that’s it. I changed nothing from my regular routine.

Any Ideas about why Jitsi granted Mod privileges to everyone? I’d appreciate any feedback. I’m not a video streaming expert, but I’m a pretty capable PC user.
Thanks for any help,

Hi and welcome. Not sure what could have caused this.
Can you send us the link where this happen?
Also you saw the message only in the beginning, when someone is joining, right?

Details: By default when people deploy jitsi-meet there is a moderator, which is the first one to join a room (or if authentication is enabled, only the authenticated users). And for for example we run with a module enebaled where everybody are moderators, and there is a UI setting to not show any UI stuff like stars and notifications for a moderator. For some unknown reason you were seeing it, we will investigate.
But there is nothing to worry about.

Hi, Damencho,
It did it again on our Monday night show. Here is a link I posted for the guests to join the meeting:,Monday12/9/2019.

It does it throughout the show, any time a new guest arrives. I’m always the first visitor and my Thumbnail image looks different than the others. It’s always at the top of the stack. But all of them have the star in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail.

Fwiw, here is a link to the YouTube recording:
My thumbnail is the same as others on the YT recording, but looks different in Jitsi.


Thanks for coming back to us. So this was a mistake on our deployment, it is fixed now.
Thank you for noticing it and letting us know.

Great. Thanks for the help.

Hello all, i seem to be having the same issue as discussed above… Can someone help me out? When i start a meeting on, every guest has moderator rights!? Thanks in advance

This is by design IIRC. It depends on the server configuration.