After upgrading i can not use app.bundle.min.js file


After upgrading the Jitsi meet, I changed “app.bundle.min.js” file with the old one because of some customized settings. But it caused a problem on the call interface. The problem has been solved using the new version of “app.bundle.min.js” file. But now the call interface is very different. And I want to use the old interface. How can I make the old “app.bundle.min.js” file usable on the new version?


You can’t. app.bundle.min.js drives a lot more than just the interface. Your other option is to design your own UI and just use the base library.

When I uncomment toolbarButton settings in config.js, it doesn’t effect in any way. What could be the problem?

When I changed “/etc/jitsi/meet/meet.domain-config.js” file, it worked.